The history of the Bridge Builders who worked across racial, social, and economic divides to bring Charlottesville together will hopefully inspire the community – young people, UVA students, and other citizens — to find common ground for a more equitable society.

Get Involved:

  • Bring the Bridge Builders’ stories to your school, place of religious worship, and neighborhood or other civic or social organization. Contact:

  • Show the film: Working for a Better Day:  The Story of Drewary Brown and include a panel of Bridge Builders or Bridge Builders’ colleagues. Contact:

  • Sign a petition to the City Council to make the Drewary Brown Bridge a more visible memorial to the Bridge Builders. Go to petition now >

    Read more about the Bridge as Monument >

  • Donate funds to produce more Bridge Builders books to be circulated free of charge to schools and other organizations.  Donate >